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UAB performed the first round of co-creation workshops in Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain
21 - 22 10 2019

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The event was split in two days and two different locations. The first day in Barcelona and the second one at The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona's facilities at their campus in Bellaterra. Fundació Autònoma Solidaria and RefugeesWelcome Barcelona gave their support in organising the event.

During the co-creation workshop, different groups of end-users and Local Service Providers (LSPs) got involved in one of the most important activities foreseen in the project. The objective here was to involved REBUILD’s end-users in the design and conceptualisation of the tools that will be developed within the project.

Besides the relevance of the activity itself for the project, that was a perfect occasion the disseminate the project objectives and to engage all kind of users in the following activities.

Rebuild project
European project
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