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The Global Accessibility Awareness Day is an event that takes place every year all around the world and aims at raising awareness about the importance of digital accessibility for a more inclusive society. The 9th Annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day took place as scheduled on the third Thursda [...]


European Commission invites REBUILD and five sister H2020 projects to discuss “virtually” on the challenge of migrant integration from several sides


REBUILD project through its partner CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology -Hellas), contributes to the Security Research Rapid Response to COVID19 - a platform bringing together the capabilities of the security research community to support the global efforts to combat COVID19.


REBUILD partner, UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), spoke at COPE MÁS MALLORCA radio station about how the project came to life, what organisations are working on it and the potential benefits that it will have on the lives of migrants and refugees in the three countrie [...]


María Jiménez presented the IALIC Conference (International Association for languages and Intercultural communication) celebrated in Valencia.


The REBUILD project has been present at the 13th edition of Festa de la Ciència de Barcelona, in a TransMedia Catalonia dissemination action at the Barcelona City Council
The 13th edition of Festa de la Ciència was held in Barcelona 26-27 October 2019. The event was organized by [...]


Presence of the REBUILD project at PluriTAV conference (24-25 October 2019, València, Spain). Blanca Arias-Badia (UAB) has presented results of research actions undertaken in the framework of the REBUILD project at the PluriTAV international conference. 


María Jiménez presented the Digital Companion at the conference “Digital Diasporas” held in London on 6th and 7th of June 2019.


UAB team presented the main objectives of REBUILD to visitors coming to see the TransMedia Catalonia laboratory during the Global Accessibility Awareness Day 

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