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National Meeting of Greek Partners for Rebuild Project (Center for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Omnes Voluntary Association and Major Development Agency Thessaloniki (MDAT).

Major Development Agency's Office in Thessaloniki City Hall

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National Meeting of the Greek partners CERTH, Omnes Voluntary Association MDAT took place on September 18th in view of the Co-creation Workshop planned for October 29th & 30th 2019 at CERTH.

The background notes and program were discussed in depth and the partners agreed on a common approach within the Greek context. The Co-Creation Workshop is planned as a participatory meeting to receive input on the Rebuild Project as a whole from,on the one hand the Refugees/Migrants in the area of Greater Thessaloniki & Kilkis and on the other of the Local Service Providers (LSPs) in this case mostly the NGO's who have direct contact with them as well as the Municipalities of Thessaloniki, Neapolis-Sykies and Calamaria. 

The cultural facilation aspect, set up and flow of the Co-creation workshop (timing of the discussion of 1st day with Refugees/Migrants and the 2nd day with the LSPs) as well as the practical details of the meeting room and needed equipment for the two day event were also finalized.

The aim of the meeting was for everyone who would actively participate  in the Co-creation workshop to be on the same page and create a safe and friendly open environment in order to get the important feedback for the development of the app. 

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