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REBUILD PROJECT Co-Creation Workshop in Bologna

Bologna, Italy
29-30 10 2019

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The co-design workshops are a first moment of dialogue between the REBUILD partnership and end-user representatives. This will be followed by pilot validation workshops which will have the objective of collecting qualified and qualifying feedback to validate all the components of the REBUILD socio-technical solution. Both categories of participants were invited to the event supporting the REBUILD Project to deliver innovative digital services to migrants to be better integrated in the hosted countries and to access the right social service they may need, that be-it within the health, education, labor market etc. sectors in Italy in general and specifically in Bologna.

 • All participants showed interest in the REBUILD scenarios and upcoming development

• All participants agreed on the need and potential benefit of REBUILD-like socio-technical   solutions

• All participants were extremely collaborative, engaged and easy going

• The workshop was a very good occasion for the REBUILD Italian team to “team-up”

Also there is the need to have more occasions in the future for interacting with the users, but in a more informal settings  + shorter meetings!

Rebuild project
European project
This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under
grant agreement No 822215.