REBUILD Newsletter #3


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The RB App offers two types of content: free content and content visualisable after registration and profiling of user. Migrants can use the free content whenever they want, but if they need personalised services they have to register. The REBUILD platform profiles the users compliant with the GDPR, storing each kind of the user data(personal and not-personal data) in the RB DataBase by using cryptographic techniques to assure the privacy and protection of data. The User Profiling is in charge of building a multi-spatial vector to represent the profile of the user.

REBUILD App is able to provide end-users with personalised suggestion for a specific service. Users can talk with the ChatBot in order to receive help and suggestion on specific needs. Migrants can interact with the ChatBot in three different modalities: writing, speaking and use the pictograms provided by Pictograms APIs. The ChatBot uses the Recommendation System, that leverages the user profile vector and the Matchmaking System to analyse the data coming from different kind of data (e.g., personal data, educational data, skills, user desiderata, etc.), to provide suggestion to the end-user. The Matchmaking System works on the basis of the data provided by migrants and LSPs, for example in the scenario of Job seeking this component is able to match the skill of the migrants, their past employments with the more requested job profiles provided by LSPs.

REBUILD Architecture was designed to meet all the needs coming from the Use Case Scenarios without having a specific purpose. The idea is to have a modular platform in order to integrate and use specific technical components according to the specific requested service. This way to proceed guarantees the extensibility of the platform by adding new technical components with a limited effort, fostering the interoperability and scalability.

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