Eventi 2020


Joint Migration Policy Roundtable 2020 14-16 10 2020 Online Event The Joint Migration Policy Roundtable was organized by the Research Executive Agency (REA) of European Commission, together with the six DT-MIGRATION-06-2018-2019 projects. The Joint Migration Policy Roundtable was held over a 3-day period on October 14th, 15th and 16th, 2020 aiming to discuss and tackle with key synergy pillars on EU migration and integration policy.
Joint Migration Workshops, 2020 29 04 2020 - 27 05 2020 Online Event European Commission and Research Executive Agency (REA) invited REBUILD and the other five “DT-MIGRATION-06-2018-2019” projects, to discuss common synergies and joint action addressing the common challenge of migrant integration through ICT-enabled solutions.
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