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Joint Migration Workshops, 2020

Online Event
29 04 2020 - 27 05 2020

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All partners of the REBUILD project, as well as the partners of the other five (5) sister projects (EASYRIGHTS, MICADO, MIICT, NADINE and WELCOME) funded through the call H2020 DT-MIGRATION-06-2018-2019, have been invited by the European Commission and REA – Research Executive Agency, to discuss together under a set of topics, addressing the challenge of migrant integration.

A series of online Joint Workshops (due to the restrictions of COVID-19 currently facing) gave the projects the opportunities to interact with each other and plan future synergies even more concretely. Five sessions were organised via Cisco WebEX, during five consecutive Wednesdays from the 29th of April until the 27th of May, on two-hours base workshops, as following:

  • 29th of April session on “Data management and ethics”
  • 6th of May session on “ICT tools: design and software development”
  • 13th of May session on “Target users, Users needs analysis, users’ involvement”
  • 20th of May session on “workshops and pilots planning, implementation evaluation, Communication/dissemination opportunities”
  • 27th of May “Public Authorities: local, national regional, European level; involvement and scalability of project results”

The aim of the joint workshops were, for the projects, to get to know each other progress and plan synergies, share practices and methodologies under the primary objective to avoid duplication of work and favour collaboration and exchange.

The reports of the five (5) workshops are available in the following links. The reports contain a summary of all discussions, the project presentations, additional information and links shared during the workshops:

Joint Workshop #1, 29/04/2020: Data management and ethics

Joint Workshop #2, 6/05/2020: ICT tools: design and software development

Joint Workshop #3, 13/05/2020: Target users, Users needs analysis, users’ involvement

Joint Workshop #4, 20/05/2020: Workshops and Pilots planning, implementation evaluation

Joint Workshop #5, 27/05/2020: Public Authorities: local, national regional, European level; involvement and scalability of project results

First year Joint Migration Workshops (2019)

In the first year of implementation, another joint event also organised by REA, on the 31st of January 2019.

The full report of this event, with agenda and presentations is available here

An overview of the six initiatives is also provided on a dedicated EC migration projects page.

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