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Rebuild publication: Linguistic accessibility in service delivery. A case study on five third sector organisations


Linguistic accessibility is essential for the organisations assisting refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers. This article analyses the linguistic accessibility of third sector organizations in four countries: Greece, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. This article briefly reviews the national regulations on linguistic accessibility in asylum contexts in the four target countries.  Then, the results of in-depth interviews with NGO staff assisting refugees and asylum seekers are presented. The results reveal the diversity of  multilingual, multimodal, and digital communication  practices  among these organisations,  and  the  communication challenges  that they face in refugee reception programmes.

Name of journal: Magazine
Author(s): María Jimenez Andrés
Submission: 5/12/2020
Publication: 29/04/2021
DOI: 10.12795/mAGAzin.2020.i28.04

mAGAzin - Revista de Germanística Intercultural is an annual international journal dealing with scientific, linguistic, philological and translational disciplines. It adheres to a rigorous double-blind reviewing policy.  Its regular format consists of an annual volume that, since issue 26, is published only in digital format. Since 1996, it has been published without interruption. It also includes other sections without peer review such as intercultural didactics, book reviews and reports. Articles can be published in German and Spanish.

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